Team Shooter Character Profile

This is a character sample for a team-based shooter project I was involved in where the action was set in a near-future England.

Character Name:

“Rose “

Gameplay Role: Support. Her primary ability is rallying her teammates, giving them short boosts of health and speed or small ammo drops.

Character Profile

35, female, British. Stern countenance, wiry but toned, steely eyes that bore through you.


Racial choice can be open. Seeking a forceful, educated, crisp, formidable tone. Younger Helen Mirren/Tilda Swinton type. 

Character Bio:

 Excerpt from GCHQ transmission, recorded and released by

 “…but we can’t be sure if she's a con artist or some royalty nutter. Don’t know where she came from. CIA and NSA are clueless, as usual. And MI5 is dead a tomb these days.


Look, all we have is a name. Not even sure on that. Police surveillance cameras censor her face. Her DNA and fingerprints return a classified status.

I burrowed up the chain here in the Doughnut, but I get more questions. Like, how could she be breaching the Balmoral Castle secure zone and be at that rumored bunker under the British Museum at the same time?


 But I’m looking at the damn drone photos!

Sorry. It’s been straining here, what with the purges.

 There’s something else. She seems to exude a weird confidence, like she belongs wherever she is. Has this preternatural ability to make people better with just a word. So, yeah, born leader with no past, someone looking to restore the monarchy and kill anyone preventing that.


 Of course, the crown denies knowledge. Did you expect anything else?”

Twenty Character Intro Lines

All hail the queen.
Stick with me and I’ll make sure you’re knighted.
For queen and country!
Remember to kneel before your queen.
The crown needs you, but mostly they need me.
Meet the new iron lady.
Forever England.
I expect everyone to do their duty.
O England, model to thy inward greatness.
This blessed plot, this realm, this England.
There is no land like England.
I will not bear the decline of Britain!
The country is counting on me.
I’m here for a greater goal: the throne.
Time for the lion to roar.
The monarchy will return.
Rule, Britannia!
This will be my finest hour.
I’m here on royal business.
The crown has recruited me for a mission.


Ten Primary Ability Lines

Keep calm and shoot the bastards.
For England!
Stiff upper lip!
Hail Britannia!
Knighthoods for everyone!
Fight in the fields. Fight on the streets. Never surrender.
We’ll never lie at a conqueror’s foot.
Forward for the crown!
Time to show the enemy what for!
Do your duty for queen and country!

Ten Taunts

 You were never worthy.
(laughter) How quaint.
Disappointing, really.
And that’s your best?
You are dismissed!
You thought you had a chance?
Bow down and stay down.
What a common mess.
Know your place.
Bested by your better.

Five Disarmed Enemy C4 Lines

UXB defused.
Just like granddad during the war.
England prevails!
Call off the air raid siren.
Just needed a royal touch.

Five Revived Lines

Long live the Queen!
Ah, better than afternoon tea.
There’ll always be an England!
Bloody, but unbowed.
Sound as the pound.


AuthorJohn Ryan