Game Narrative Writing and Design
Scene and NPC Scripting
Branching and Conditional Conversation Trees
World Building & Lore Creation
Cinematic Scripts / Storyboarding / VO Direction
Tie-in Short Stories & Online Fiction
Story Bible Creation
Game Guides
Word and Excel

Published Titles

Destiny: House of Wolves (expansion)
Destiny: The Taken King (expansion)
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (expansion)
Fable 2
Project Gotham Racing 4 (post-launch support)
Zoo Tycoon series (post-launch support)

Relevant Experience

Copy Editor, Bungie                                                                                                                                                
Feb.Dec. 2015                                                                                                                          

  • Review and edit Destiny release content, including VO subtitles and text strings
  • Create, update, and maintain franchise lore bible and style guide
  • Edit franchise-related transmedia to meet narrative and style standards
  • Brainstorm with in-house writers to develop fiction for Destiny’s narrative

Writer, ArenaNet                                                                                                                                           
Feb. 2010–Feb. 2015

  • Created lore, NPCs, narrative, original fiction, and dialogue for MMORPG Guild Wars 2
  • Developed the narrative design and wrote VO/text for the core campaign’s starting areas, mid-level open-world zones, the repeatable dungeons, and Fractals of the Mist infinite dungeon
  • Wrote narrative VO and text for multiple Living World projects, and acted as lead narrative designer and/or writer for six releases
  • Supervised VO sessions, giving real-time feedback and context to voice talent
  • Collaborated with multiple teams and departments to execute the game’s narrative vision
  • Spearheaded the creation of lore, NPCs, story, and dialogue for Heart of Thorns expansion

Associate Producer, Xbox LIVE                                                                                                          
May–Sept. 2009

  • Designed and published weekly updates for the US Video Marketplace and the global Avatar Marketplace
  • Wrote promotional copy and managed art assets for the Marketplace space
  • Coordinated asset creation, approval, and implementation with internal and external teams

Content Writer, MSN Games                                                                                                   
Sept. 2008–May 2009

  • Designed, launched, and updated online promotions for games, contests, and community events
  • Wrote and edited articles for the MSN Games and Games for Windows sites, including interviews and coverage of special events
  • Executed timely geopolitical reviews of games and site content

Web Content Writer, Microsoft Game Studios                                                                             
Sept. 2007–Aug. 2008

  • Wrote story bible material, in-game dialogue, UI text, and original fiction for Fable 2
  • Created and edited online content, strategy guides, articles, and screenshots for Project Gotham Racing 4 and the Zoo Tycoon series
  • Oversaw narrative projects from concept to launch in tandem with internal and external teams


Popular Fiction Writing Certificate - University of Washington June 2005
M.A. Journalism - Ball State University Dec. 1995
B.A. Media Studies - University of Houston May 1994

For a more in-depth resume (including recommendations from colleagues), please visit my LinkedIn page.